Emergency Briefings

Emergency Briefings

We don’t like to talk about difficult things, but aviation can be very unkind to people who don’t prepare for bad stuff to happen.  Here are 15 situations we all need to think about and practice, just in case.  Click on a subject to go to the briefing.

1. Engine Failure during takeoff run

  1. 2.Engine Failure immediately after takeoff

  2. 3.Engine Failure during cruising flight

  3. 4.Engine Fire During Start

  4. 5.Engine Fire in Flight

  5. 6.Electrical Fire in flight

  6. 7.Cabin Fire or Wing Fire in flight

8. Vacuum Pump Failure in IMC

9. Inadvertent Icing Encounter

  1. 10.Flat Tires

  2. 11.Spin Recovery

  3. 12.Rough Running Engine/Loss of Power

  4. 13.Electrical malfunctions Part 1

14. Electrical malfunctions Part 2

15. Wildlife Encounter